House of Harts is a Dutch Fashion brand founded in a beautiful city in the southern part of the Netherlands, Breda. The company started by selling hoodies and due to its fast growth, House of Harts expanded its collection to long sleeves and T-shirts.

With its minimalistic designs and vivid colors, House of Harts earned the hearts of its local community, soon it was possible to see hockey teams, and artists such as dancers and musicians using House of Harts clothes.

House of Harts is committed to delivering the best quality to its customers, for this reason, all the products are made in Europe and produced with organic cotton.

House of Harts brings Holland in its logo and essence, the company is an open mind, multicultural, and modern fashion brand. One of its House of Harts core is its commitment to protecting the environment from fast fashion. For this reason, the company designs clothes to remain a lifetime, and to be their customer’s favorite item. The goal is to have a minimalistic wardrobe with excellent clothes without the necessity of having multiply items.

The hoodies are the House of Hart’s dearest items. In spring 2022, House of Harts is launching a new collection of oversized hoodies for the first time!

We cannot wait to see what is coming soon!






How did HOUSE OF HARTS start?

It was always a dream of mine to start my own clothing brand. Dragging this dream with me for years and years I finally decided to face this challenge. I created my own brand, now known as House of Harts. During my trip with my family to New York in the beginning of 2020 I brought my dream to reality. 


A day at the office

We usually start at 9 am. When everyone is present we start our day by drinking some tea and we make a list with what has to be done. We divide the tasks and get started! 

At several times throughout the day, we discuss new ideas such as new colors, possible upcoming designs and our instagram account is checked and updated.

Our community and working environment remains extremely important to us as a brand.

Accepting each other and being open-minded to one another is what our team does best.

Therefore I am incredibly grateful that my childhood dream has successfully come to live. Without my amazing team this would not have been possible. 

Our mission is to make people feel comfortable and fashionable in any situation while collaborating to make the world a more sustainable and positive place.

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